KillerCoke: The Victoria Coke Boycott

The BOYCOTT COKE campaign in Victoria is focused on all products made by this global giant; including: Coca-Cola, Dasani, Powerade, Fresca, Sprite, Squirt, Evian, Fanta, Minute Maid, Five Alive, Hi-C and many more.

Murder - It's the Real Thing

COKE is a major human rights violator

Coke murders workers. The struggle to unionize workers at a Coca-Cola bottling facility in Carepa, Colombia has resulted in the murder and torture of seven trade union leaders at Coke bottling plants Workers have been threatened and fired for their union support. COKE uses sugar from plantations in El Salvador that use child labour. Children as young as nine years old work nine hours a day in the sun wielding machetes.

COKE supports War

COKE is one of the main contributors to Bush, his campaign expenses and his war policies.

COKE Is Unhealthy

Every can of COKE contains 8-10 teaspoons of sugar or synthetic sweeteners linked to cancer, allergies and brain disorders. Cola is the major beverage of many Canadians and a factor in increasing child obesity. Coke says it will withdraw its cola from machines in schools and only sell its water and other drink products. Other drinks also contain sugar and products from non-fair trade, chemically treated agriculture.

COKE Steals Water.

In India Coke has bought the groundwater and forbids local people from using their wells. In other places, Coke has drained the ground water dry. Coke is polluted with pesticides in one region of India. Bottled water makes the most profits of any Coke product Do you know the last time Coke or Dasani water were independently tested here?

Coke depletes resources and creates waste

Billions of plastic containers are made and dumped every year around the world, discarded after one use, a waste of energy, petroleum and space. Aluminium cans also waste energy.


Turn on your tap, drink fair trade tea and coffee and locally made juice. Carry your water in a reusable container. You will be healthier and richer and you will be performing a political action! It’s a lot easier than being shot for your principles.

The Victoria BOYCOTT COKE CAMPAIGN works to have Coca-Cola machines removed from schools, public city facilities and health institutions.

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