Cafe Simpatico: Honduras Today

April 27, 2018
1923 Fernwood Road
7:00pm Doors
7:30pm Music by Peach Guevara
8:00pm Speakers


Kay Gimbel, CASC and MJAC activist who wen to Honduras on a Rights Action delegation and presented his findings at Cafe Simpatico in 2017.

Bill Feyrer, lives in Victoria and he will have just returned from one of many trips to Honduras where he works with market women and micro-economies.

Phil Little: Nanaimo activist who since 2013 has been traveling to Honduras to accompany Fr. Melo, director of a radio station and a human rights centre.

Refreshments: Fair Trade organic coffee
Admission by donation, all welcome.

Presented  by the  Victoria Central America Support Committee and the Mining Justice Action Committee.

The Prophetic Legacy of Oscar Romero

By Theresa Wolfwood

When Oscar Romero was chosen to be Archbishop of El Salvador at the time of a brutal military dictatorship, backed by the USA, in 1977; it was expected that this quiet scholarly man would not create any problems for the military and the oligarchy which the military supported.

After Romero took office his best friend was assassinated for speaking out for justice, Romero started to look carefully at what was happening in his country; he started to speak and act on behalf of the oppressed and particularly those who resisted the cruel dictators.

Before he was gunned down in a church while giving mass, Romero had received more than 400 death threats. That made him even stronger in his convictions and actions. He said:
I do not believe in death without resurrection. If they kill me, I will rise again in the people of El Salvador.

Those were prophetic words. Now thirty-eight years after his death, he is still remembered and honoured in El Salvador and the world. He will soon become a saint of the Roman Catholic faith.

Recently the Victoria Central America Committee honoured Romero in an evening of words and music. The special guest speaker was Remi De Roo, the retired bishop of Victoria who knew Romero well. He recalled that the legacy of Romero to people of all faiths and beliefs was the call to resist injustice and to support the poor and oppressed.

The author of an important book about Romero was also present at the gathering: Matt Eisenbrandt,: Assassination of a Saint, University of California Press, 2017.

A video of this event may be viewed at:

Photos from CASC event at Café Simpatico, March 23, 2018