Cafe Simpatico is pleased to present:

Cafe Simpatico is pleased to present:

An illustrated talk by Tessa Munro

November 28

Fernwood Community Association (FCA)

1923 Fernwood Road.

Tessa is a registered nurse and a graduate of Selkirk College. She has worked in both direct patient care and community health. Her interests lie in the intersection between activism, social movements, global health and nursing. She recently spent 4 months living and learning in Guatemala and Mexico.

Tessa will speak about her experiences with Nuevo Horizonte, a Guatemalan co-operative of ex guerrilla combatants, and its community and political work. She will talk about their initiatives and how she understands underlying social/political/economic forces that shape health and wellbeing in Guatemala and she will make links to increasing health challenges experienced in Canada and the same social/political/economic forces. She also will tell us about her experiences in a Zapatista community in Chiapas, Mexico and will speak about the work this movement does in community and how Zapatista resistance is linked to Guatemala and with our lives in Canada, particularly the indigenous resurgence here. We will be informed and inspired in our solidarity work by her words and images. Come and bring friends.

Doors open 7:15 pm and live music at 7:30 pm.

Presentation at 8 pm.

Admission by donation

Refreshments and fair trade organic coffee for sale.



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