CASC Café Simpatico April Report

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CASC presented an illustrated talk by Theresa Wolfwood, recently returned from Western Sahara refugee camps, entitled:

BEYOND the VEIL of SAND: The Saharawi people in exile & under occupation.

This little-known land is known as Spain’s last colony and as Africa’s only remaining colony. Theresa gave the historical background to the present state of injustice, exile and repression.

Spain occupied Western Sahara for nearly 100 years. When it pulled out in 1975, Morocco invaded and settled thousands of Moroccan colonists in the country. Morocco militarily drove out thousands of Saharawi civilians, who fled across the desert to Algeria, where they have lived in exile for thirty-nine years. The remaining population in Western Sahara is subjected to the brutal regime of Moroccan occupation.

For the complete story with photos, references and action suggestions please see:


This photo shows the sand wall, the berm that Morocco built to separate its occupied Western Sahara from a small liberated Saharawi strip and Algerian. It is heavily fortified and is seeded with 10 million landmines.


Aminatou Haider lives in occupied Western Sahara. She has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize for her leadership in non-violent resistance; she has been beaten, tortured and jailed.

Girls in refugee camp celebrate the 38th anniversary of the founding of the nation. Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic.

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